David Jacobs (1991-1992)

Section Chief Counsel, Natural Resources Section, Office of the Arizona Attorney General
Justice Abrahamson and David Jacobs
Justice Abrahamson and David Jacobs

My memories – Still maybe the best job ever, and a boss I will always admire greatly.  I learned lessons that I have passed down to many of the interns and attorneys who have worked for me.  I was reminded that “We must thoroughly address every party and every argument” after I failed to address an argument in a pro se brief based on the Declaration of Independence.  

I also learned “If you can’t say it in writing, you’re not sure what you think the answer is.”  Also, “I appreciate your explaining what you think, and I really appreciate your admitting what you don’t know or aren’t sure about.”  We had some very high-profile cases that spring, which shuffled the usual alignments – Her dissenting opinion in the State v. Mitchell “hate speech” sentencing enhancement case (arguing to allow the enhancement, which was adopted 9-0 by the US Supreme Court); David Duke must be allowed on the Republican presidential primary ballot; can a building on the isthmus be taller than the Capitol?

Justice Abrahamson traveled a lot around the State and around the world that year.  She brought back stacking dolls from Russia with the likenesses of the Soviet leaders from Lenin to Gorbachev.  My one-year-old son loved to play with them and impressed friends and family with his ability to identify them.